Venous Ultrasound

Instructions for the Test

There are no special preparations for this test. You can take all medications as directed. Plan on being at our office for 1 hours for this exam.

What is a Venous Ultrasound?

It is a test that utilizes ultrasound to obtain images of the blood flow in the lower extremity veins. The test provides your doctor with information to help diagnose and treat lower extremity venous disease (Acute swelling/Edema, chronic swelling/edema, discoloration, pain, ulcers, varicose veins, etc.)

How is the Test Done?

You will be given a gown to change into, and asked to remove pants, shoes, and socks for this exam. The test is done with the patient laying flat on their back. You may be asked to adjust your legs position throughout the testing process. The tech will do several different techniques to test the venous blood flow (compressing the abdomen, or asking you to hold your breath, etc.). The tech will use the ultrasound transducer with contact to obtain images of the blood flow through the veins of the legs. The test is safe, and painless (many times with venous disease the legs are tender/painful already, if this the case the tech will be very cautious to avoid painful areas).

Test Results

The physician will review the obtained images and give you the result at a later appointment and/or send the report to your physician.