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Refer your patients with confidence

Refer Your Patients to California Heart Center Cardiologists

When you need to refer your patients to a cardiologist, consider California Heart Center. Your patient will receive world class care. It starts with us calling your patient to schedule an appointment from the time we receive your referral request. You will know when the appointment is set and the results are immediately sent to your office for each visit.

Timely Reports

We usually send the reports to office after each visit

Flexible Scheduling

We get your patients in quickly and offer after hour services when needed

Exceptional Service

Our doctors and staff will provide you and your patients world class service

The California Heart Center, with Dr. Bajwa and Dr. Brar, has a wonderful work ethic. Dr. Bajwa works just like Dr. Fahey likes to, quickly and efficiently. Dr. Bajwa always finds time for all of our patients. The level of service is excellent. Dr. Bajwa' office staff appreciate how hard Dr. Fahey works, they respect our office staff, and never says no to a preoperative evaluation for our patients.

Dr. Fahey