About Us

California Heart Center was founded on September 1, 2004 and was the first in the Yuba/Sutter area and north of Sacramento to be nationally certified in Nuclear Medicine and Echocardiography. We are now the first to be nationally certified in the Yuba/Sutter area for Vascular Ultrasound.

We were initially based in Marysville. Dr. Bajwa was the sole cardiologist and the staff consisted of Surinder Tatla, Yee Swenson, and Susan Wright. We multi-tasked and worked hard and we stuck to our basic philosophy of service of with a smile.

Thanks to everybody’s selfless diligence we grew steadily. By the time we moved to Yuba City to our present location on June 1, 2010 we had grown to a team of 13 employees. Dr. Brar also joined us at the time and has helped us daily with his expertise and knowledge.

We are blessed to have a compassionate staff. We strive to provide the human touch. For that reason our phones are always answered by a kind human voice and not a soulless digital machine.

As physicians, Dr. Bajwa and Dr. Brar set the standard for excellence. The entire California Heart Center team of technicians, nurses, and staff works closely together to care for our patients. We always aim to treat our patients as friends and family and we are glad to say that the love is reciprocated. Caring and healing works both ways.

We assure you that we will always work hard and keep our patients our first priority.

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Bajwa

Dr. Brar